Pixel Superhero Movie Posters by Michael Myers Designer and illustrator Michael Myers (aka “Drawsgood”) has created an awesome series of DC and Marvel “Pixel Superhero Movie Posters.” Follow the artist online: Website, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter Source: facebook.com

Juan Solon put together some great Street Fighter pixel art for a good cause. More information can be found below and on his blog. “Krudar, an awesome Muay Thai gym in Toronto, is having a fundraiser for Kenya this Saturday Feb 11. I wanted to donate an illustration to the gym because it has doneContinue reading

Three classic NES cartridges have been given an 8-bit update by Ty Lattau. Each of the three designs above are now on sale in print form at Society6. Cartridges: The Legend of Zelda | Metroid | Super Mario Brothers NES Cartridges by Ty Lettau (Society6) (Flickr)

Comic, film and cartoon heroes have assembled to fight thanks to artist Pablo Cialoni and his excellent set of pixelated fan art. Prints, iPhone / laptop cases and skins are now on sale now at Society6. Pixel Heroes by Pablo Cialoni (Society6) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: Technabob | thaeger

This Dino got so excited that he jumped straight out of his Bubble Bobbling skin! Oskunk created this piece for Geek-Art / Autumn Society’s “8-Bit Champions” art show going until Oct 15th in Paris, France. See more here. Related Rampages: Mario NES Clock | Gameboy Mario (More) Bubble Pixel by Oskunk (Flickr)

It might take a while to dig through 696 different video game characters, but they are all in Mario form so it is well worth it. Check out this entire collection of pixelated heroes and villains by Ty Lettau in full size here. Related Rampages: Gaming Model Kits | Cartooned Pac-Man Super Bros Everything! by Ty Lettau (Flickr)