The villainous Masters of the Universe have been pixelated and turned into papercraft figures thanks to artist Ty Lettau. Download each template here. Related Rampages: Gaming Model Kits (More) MotU Papercraft Villains by Ty Lettau (Society6) (Flickr) (Twitter)

Three classic NES cartridges have been given an 8-bit update by Ty Lattau. Each of the three designs above are now on sale in print form at Society6. Cartridges: The Legend of Zelda | Metroid | Super Mario Brothers NES Cartridges by Ty Lettau (Society6) (Flickr)

It might take a while to dig through 696 different video game characters, but they are all in Mario form so it is well worth it. Check out this entire collection of pixelated heroes and villains by Ty Lettau in full size here. Related Rampages: Gaming Model Kits | Cartooned Pac-Man Super Bros Everything! by Ty Lettau (Flickr)