Artist Drew Wise has a new Space Exterminators! design that slams down a mashup of Doctor Who and the retro Space Invaders video game! Exterminate your torso and grab a shirt up from The Yetee for $11 today only (9/7/2012). Pew Pew Pew! Space Exterminators! by Drew Wise (RedBubble) (Facebook) (Twitter) via drewpixel | theyetee Source:

Dying of dysentery is a thing of the Oregon Trail past. Forge the outer rims of space only to fight Space Invader swarms in the Costello Bros’ humorous mash up design. Shirts on sale at RIPT today only (10/13) for $10. Trail Invaders by Costello Bros. / Skorp (RedBubble) Source:

Members at Pixel Joint were tasked recently with creating fictional currency in their standard pixel format. Everything from famous video games to television shows were submitted. Check out who the artist was for each geeky piece and what place they locked down in the weekly challenge here. Banknote Pixel Art Challenge at Pixel Joint Via:Continue reading