Amazing Collection of Boba Fett Helmets Reimagined For Charity For the As You Wish Helmet Project, a Star Wars themed art charity event for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, over 40 talented artists each created a purely amazing reimagined Boba Fett or Clone Trooper helmet. The Boba Fett collection seen above are a few pieces that reallyContinue reading

Juan Solon put together some great Street Fighter pixel art for a good cause. More information can be found below and on his blog. “Krudar, an awesome Muay Thai gym in Toronto, is having a fundraiser for Kenya this Saturday Feb 11. I wanted to donate an illustration to the gym because it has doneContinue reading

sirmitchell: “This is a commission from the wonderfully delightful Rainn Wilson for “Rainn Wilson & Friends” a charity show he is doing on the 23rd of this month in Seattle. If you are there, check it out, and help support the Mona Foundation. There will be a limited amount of shirts available for purchase (with profitsContinue reading