Sonic and The Flash are tearing it up at the London 2012 Olympics. This is Tumblr artist Chow Hon Lam’s second piece for his new Olympic / video game mash up series. You should also check out his first illustration, No Hadooken. Surrender by Chow Hon Lam (Flickr) (Etsy) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: flyingmouse365

Artist Hillary White and Jerry Nowlin are tearing up ShirtPunch today with their awesome new shirt designs. Krang gets a Kawaii cupcake / TMNT mashup from Hillary while the Batman logo gets broken down into the numerous “Wonderful” weapons used by the Dark Knight’s enemies. Both shirts are on sale today only (8/10) for $10Continue reading

More great artwork has risen from Comic Book Resources’ “The Line It Is Drawn #81 – Comic Book Characters / Star Wars Characters” theme to pay homage to the late great Ralph McQuarrie. Batman in Star Wars by Phillip Sevy Fantastic Four Wars by Nick Perks Jar Jar Binks: Punisher by Cynthia “Thea” Rodgers LukeContinue reading

The Dark Knight definitely chose the wrong path in this devilish redesign by artist Alexander Stepanchikov. This took first place in CGHUB’s “Superhero Turned Villain” challenge. Check it out on an interactive 3D turntable here. Related Rampage: Post-Apocalyptic Scorpion Bat Badman by Alexander Stepanchikov (CGHUB)

Great Scott… I mean Great Bruce! Batman has a little “Unfinished Business” to take care of in Andy Hunter’s new mash up illustration. Created for Draw2d2’s Back To The Future / Batman mash up theme. Unfinished Business by Andy Hunter (deviantART) (Store) (Twitter) Via: andyjhunter