SILVERMANIA has created "Paperboy 3: The Hard Way,“ a grindhouse style parody movie trailer of the classic Paperboy video game from the 80s. They did a fantastic job of turing the pixelated suburban streets of chaos into a gruesome VHS quality masterpiece. You should probably watch this in HD full-screen. image via Kotaku Follow the creator: Website | Store | Facebook | Twitter via Kotaku

The classic Nintendo Entertainment System is now cooking up some delicious toast in artist Mathijs Sterrenburg’s excellent NES Toaster 3D rendering. It’s an awesome flip side to AVGN’s real life Nintoaster II design. Related Rampage: Super Mario Shroom Concepts NES Toaster by Mathijs Sterrenburg (Behance) (Facebook) submitted by Mathijs Sterrenburg

The high flying “Cheep-Cheep” from Super Mario Brothers is now a reality thanks to the talented Tumblr artist Darick Maasen. You can check out process photos and more on his Facebook page. Related Rampages: Real Mario Koopa Paratroopa (More) Real Mario Brothers Cheep-Cheep by Darick Maasen (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: darickmaasen Source:

For the next couple of days only, Tumblr artist Aaron Jasinski has a massive collection of his artwork on sale over at The images above are only a small fraction of the great / inspiring work that he has to offer. The 16" x 16" “NEStalgia” limited edition print is signed and numbered forContinue reading

Three classic NES cartridges have been given an 8-bit update by Ty Lattau. Each of the three designs above are now on sale in print form at Society6. Cartridges: The Legend of Zelda | Metroid | Super Mario Brothers NES Cartridges by Ty Lettau (Society6) (Flickr)

The Game of Thrones takes its place on the Nintendo Entertainment System thanks to Drew Wise and his new 8-bit design. Shirts will be on sale Tuesday only (1/17) for $10 at TeeFury. Winter is coming… to the NES. A Game of Ice & Fire by Drew Wise (RedBubble) (Facebook) Via: teevil | gamefreaksnz

The Crimson Daggers dropped the art challenge “Bloodsport 3: Gauntlet!" on their website and dared anyone to remake the classic Gauntlet cover. Talented artist Mike Azevedo accepted this challenge and totally nailed a killer redesign filled with tons of unique style. (Full Size) Gauntlet Cover by Mike Azevedo / PkMike (deviantART) (Twitter) Submitted by: Dave Rapoza

Artist Dave Palumbo gave the Hyrule hero Link a realistic upgrade in his new Legend of Zelda themed illustration. It was created for an upcoming (Feb) video game art show at the OhNo!Doom Gallery in Chicago, IL. Amazing work! The Adventures of Link by Dave Palumbo (Blog) (deviantART) (CGHUB) Via: Gorilla Artfare | Ian Brooks