Pixel Superhero Movie Posters by Michael Myers Designer and illustrator Michael Myers (aka “Drawsgood”) has created an awesome series of DC and Marvel “Pixel Superhero Movie Posters.” Follow the artist online: Website, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter Source: facebook.com

The villainous Masters of the Universe have been pixelated and turned into papercraft figures thanks to artist Ty Lettau. Download each template here. Related Rampages: Gaming Model Kits (More) MotU Papercraft Villains by Ty Lettau (Society6) (Flickr) (Twitter)

Comic, film and cartoon heroes have assembled to fight thanks to artist Pablo Cialoni and his excellent set of pixelated fan art. Prints, iPhone / laptop cases and skins are now on sale now at Society6. Pixel Heroes by Pablo Cialoni (Society6) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: Technabob | thaeger

If you like snacking and looking super rad, this shirt is for you! “It’s the newest guest tee by my friend LULINTERNET! This tee will be on sale until June 24th NOON PST at a special preorder price – orders will print and ship two weeks later!” – David Murray Related Rampages: H8RS GONNA H8 R2D2 |katapokeballContinue reading