Pixel Superhero Movie Posters by Michael Myers Designer and illustrator Michael Myers (aka “Drawsgood”) has created an awesome series of DC and Marvel “Pixel Superhero Movie Posters.” Follow the artist online: Website, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter Source: facebook.com

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly bring their Step Brothers feud to the comics in Marco D’Alfonso’s hilarious new mash up illustration. Created for Comic Book Resources’ “The Line It Is Drawn #84 – Comic Book Dream Casting” theme. Related Rampages: Deadpool & Boba Fett: Mercenaries  (More) Thor and Loki: Step Brothers by Marco D’Alfonso (deviantART)Continue reading

Andrew Wilson assembles a portion of the Marvel Avengers in this new “Come At Me Bro” set. Iron Man slays everyone at Rockband! Prints will be available at Ltd. Art Gallery’s “MINTcondition” art show tonight at 7pm in Seattle Washington. Presented by Emerald City Comicon. Related Rampages: Metroid (More) Come at me Bro. by Andrew Wilson (Blog) (CGHUB)Continue reading

Marvel has put up a massive collection of actual movie props for auction online at Profiles in History and in-person at the upcoming Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo on April 14th at 6:00 PM (Central Time). Above is only a small fraction of what they have to offer. Check out more here. The Red SkullContinue reading

Six of Marvel’s Avengers assemble in Nicholas Hyde’s new set ofcomic / film minimalist poster designs. You can get the entire set of 12” x 16” poster prints for $90 or $19 separately at his Etsy store. Related Rampages: 8 X-Men Movie Posters (More) Marvel Avengers Prints by Nicholas Hyde (Etsy) (Society6) (Twitter) Submitted by:Continue reading