Mario and Link team up to fight the forces of evil in this awesome video game illustration by artist Billy Allison (aka “Bleee”). Prints, apparel, iPhone cases and more are available to purchase at Redbubble and Society6. This piece is also a reference to one of the first sci-fi films ever made called A Trip To The Moon (1902), which was directedContinue reading

If ever in danger, the Triforce will bail you out. Ryan, of Spitfire Illustrations, put a lot of power into his new shirt design. On sale today (3-15) for $10 at RIPT. Did you miss the sale? It’s also available at RedBubble! In Case of Evil by Spitfire Illustrations (RedBubble) (Facebook) Via: gamefreaksnz Source:

Crimson Daggers is back with another killer Bloodsport update for their artists. Above are two finished pieces by Mattias Fahlberg and Derek Murphy for the Legend of Zelda “Bloodsport 7 – Wind Waker Reworked!” challenge. Wind Waker Reworked 1 / 2 by Mattias Fahlberg & Derek Murphy

It IS dangerous to go alone out there in the real world. If you have an iPhone, Tumblr artist David Thomas has got you covered with his killer Legend of Zelda Master Sword wallpaper. Check out more of his work here. It’s dangerous to go alone! by David Thomas (Facebook) Via: davidthomasart

With the addition of her new “Masks of a Different Kind” illustration, Ann Marcellino has created quite the collection of beautiful Legend of Zelda artwork. Also, I do agree with her that a 3DS Majora’s Mask would be pretty great. Legend of Zelda Artwork by Ann Marcellino (Tumblr) (deviantART)