Mike Mitchell Unleashes His Marvel Poster Featuring Loki To get us all SUPER excited about the upcoming film Thor: The Dark World, artist Mike Mitchell has created an awesome illustration of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) for Mondo and Marvel. Prints will be sold at a random time tomorrow (11/7/2013) at Mondotees.com. Follow the artist: Website | Store | Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter via: Mike Mitchell

Even a quick slice through the cranium doesn’t stop the “Merc with a Mouth” Deadpool in artist Alex Griendling’s new animated Anatomy GIF. “This is by far the most complicated pixel gif I’ve made to date, clocking in at cool 105 frames. It took a while. Sorry about the head, Wade.” – Alex Related Rampages:Continue reading

Baldursgate.com has been hosting a count down to something special and today it finally ended. It was a countdown to the website crashing, I think… This is how it went down (from a Nicolas Cage POV, of course). Related Rampages: Norris and Cage Page Twins (More) Baldur’s Cage by Justin Rampage (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Artist Mateusz Sypien created three death dealing animated art pieces for the updated Goverdose 2.0 artist collaboration site. The killer Predator / Darth Vader “Hunters” creation won me over for sure. Click on the images above to see them all in animated form. Death In Motion by Mateusz Sypien (Behance) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Princess Peach comes to life in Tumblr artist / photographer Chanh Tang’s first attempt at creating an animation. “First attempt at creating an animated gif – needless to say, it was quite the learning experience.” Wasting Time In Another Castle by Chanh Tang (Twitter) Via: chanh