Artist Andrew Wilson brought together a triple threat set of video game greatness in his new series. Prints are now on sale at the Geek-Art Store. You can also follow Andrew and his work here on Tumblr! Video Game Series by Andrew Wilson (Blog) (CGHUB) (Twitter) Via: theforgottenkingdoms

The high flying “Cheep-Cheep” from Super Mario Brothers is now a reality thanks to the talented Tumblr artist Darick Maasen. You can check out process photos and more on his Facebook page. Related Rampages: Real Mario Koopa Paratroopa (More) Real Mario Brothers Cheep-Cheep by Darick Maasen (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: darickmaasen Source:

Alphonse Elric and Luigi both know that feel, when it comes to being an unappreciated little brother that can never catch a break. Check out more of Chris Gerringer’s awesome series here. Also, you can also vote for his shirt that is up for vote at Threadless! Little Brother Blues by Chris Gerringer (deviantART) (Twitter) Via:Continue reading

Mario is bucking bomb broncos in Alvaro Arteaga’s new gamer themed shirt design. Thanks to your votes, it is NOW on sale at Threadless for $20 $9.99. Don’t miss Threadless’ big $9.99 shirt sale going on for 48 hours only! Love The Bomb by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini (S6) (Flickr) (Twitter) Source: Threadless

Bowser gets a new set of chompers in this amazing illustration by artist Josh Summana. This is yet another great sneak peek at the top secret project emerging from 8bit Ego in 2013. Stay tuned for more! Related Rampages: Ganondorf (More) Bowser by Joshua Summana (8bit Ego Tumblr) (Twitter) Submitted by: xxEpicxx

Stormtroopers and Koopa Troopas both know that feel, when it comes to being anExpendable Minion. Check out more of Chris Gerringer’s rad series here. Expendable Minions by Chris Gerringer (deviantART) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: paperbeatsscissors