The artistic brothers Magnus and Viktor Nyström teamed up to create a badass / realistic version of Mario in their piece titled Hero. It was largely inspired and a tribute to work by the talented Dave Rapoza. Related Rampage: Super Plumber Mario – 3D Hero – Super Mario Bros. by Magnus & Viktor Nyström / TeamLando submitted by TeamLando

3D Renderings of Mike Mitchell’s Original 2D Breaking Bad Illustrations 3D designer SLiD3 used his inspiration from artist Mike Mitchell‘s excellent Walter White and Jesse Pinkman character illustrations and gave both a killer 3D enhancement. You can now download various sized green and special blue meth wallpapers from SLiD3 on Tumblr or CGHUB. Related Rampage: AndyContinue reading

The classic Nintendo Entertainment System is now cooking up some delicious toast in artist Mathijs Sterrenburg’s excellent NES Toaster 3D rendering. It’s an awesome flip side to AVGN’s real life Nintoaster II design. Related Rampage: Super Mario Shroom Concepts NES Toaster by Mathijs Sterrenburg (Behance) (Facebook) submitted by Mathijs Sterrenburg

The Dark Knight definitely chose the wrong path in this devilish redesign by artist Alexander Stepanchikov. This took first place in CGHUB’s “Superhero Turned Villain” challenge. Check it out on an interactive 3D turntable here. Related Rampage: Post-Apocalyptic Scorpion Bat Badman by Alexander Stepanchikov (CGHUB)