Donkey Kong Wall, The Classic Arcade Game as Functioning Shelves Los Angeles-based designer Igor Chak used his early childhood memory of colorful steel beams and ladders found in the classic arcade game Donkey Kong to create his functioning and brilliant Donkey Kong Wall shelf design. Donkey Kong Wall by Igor Chak (Twitter) Via: mahlibombing |Continue reading

The ancient discovery of Pac-Man has been placed on artist Jared Moraitis’ rad “PAKKU-MAN” shirt design and now there are buttons to match! These limited edition 25 sets are signed and numbered by the artist! Available to purchase for $5 each at his BEASTWRECK shop. PAKKU-MAN Button Pack by Jared Moraitis (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: beastpop

The Crimson Daggers dropped the art challenge “Bloodsport 3: Gauntlet!" on their website and dared anyone to remake the classic Gauntlet cover. Talented artist Mike Azevedo accepted this challenge and totally nailed a killer redesign filled with tons of unique style. (Full Size) Gauntlet Cover by Mike Azevedo / PkMike (deviantART) (Twitter) Submitted by: Dave Rapoza

Pac-Man would have been a lot easier if I could have played the Spaced Invaders remix that artist Grégoire Guillemin designed. Prints, iPhone / laptop cases and skins now on sale at his Society6 store. Related Rampages: Famous Capsules 2 (More) Pac Invaders by Grégoire Guillemin (Society6) (Behance) (Twitter)