Artist Campbell Whyte has grown his “8 Bit Dreams” series like crazy thanks to fans of his work and their great NES commission ideas. You can get your very own NES video game piece by Campbell over at his Etsy store for $50. 8 Bit Dream Series Commissions by Campbell Whyte (Etsy) (Twitter)

If you didn’t already know, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim started out at an original NES title (Just kidding!). Artist Famousafterdeath did, however, put the famous adventure game into a killer 8-bit shirt design. You can grab one up now at his RedBubble store. 8-Bit Dovahkiin by Famousafterdeath (RedBubble) (Facebook) (Twitter)

That damn Duck Hunt dog is going to get what’s coming to him in Alex Solis & Nathan W. Pyle’s funny collaborative design. Thanks to your votes, this shirt is now on sale over at Threadless! 8-BIT Vendetta by Alex Solis (Twitter) & Nathan W. Pyle (Twitter) Via: gamefreaksnz Source: Threadless

If you are an old school control freak, and I mean old school video game control freak, ThinkGeek has you covered! Their new Nintendo themed controller track jacket is now on sale at their online store for $40 – $44. Related Rampages: Doctor Who Ride-in Dalek (More) Nintendo Controller Track Jacket at ThinkGeek (Facebook) (Twitter)

Aaron Jasinski took a massive collection of Nintendo nostalgia and packed it all into one excellent fan art painting. A limited amount of 30 signed 10" x 10" (12.5" x 12.5" w/ double matte) fine art prints are available now for $45 at his online store. You can also get an unsigned open edition print for $25. RelatedContinue reading

Artist Aaron Jasinski took his favorite NES game Excite Bike and brought it to life in this high speed illustration. You will be able to view it at Gallery 1988’s “Video Game Art Show” on Sept 16th in Santa Monica, CA. (High-Res) Related Rampages: When you need a friend | Vader Got Served (More) TurboContinue reading