The high flying “Cheep-Cheep” from Super Mario Brothers is now a reality thanks to the talented Tumblr artist Darick Maasen. You can check out process photos and more on his Facebook page. Related Rampages: Real Mario Koopa Paratroopa (More) Real Mario Brothers Cheep-Cheep by Darick Maasen (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: darickmaasen Source:

Three ghostly family members went their separate ways in the gaming industry. This family portrait by Darick Maasen ties them back together. You can now head over to Threadless and vote this shirt design up. Retro Gaming Family Ties by Darick Maasen (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: darickmaasen | gamefreaksnz Source: Threadless

The Mushroom Kingdom has just made its way into the real world thanks to artist Darick Maasen. He created this custom Koopa Paratroopa Trophy for the August 11th “SUPER IAM8BIT” show in Los Angelas, Ca (7PM to 11PM). – 15.5” x 7” x 7” (9” with wings)– Antique Taxidermied Turtle, Chicken Wings, Wire, and AcrylicContinue reading