Artist Aaron Jasinski created a brilliant Game of Thrones / Super Mario Brothers / Donkey Kong mashup painting titled Throne of Games for The Old School Video Game Art Show: Level 2 opening Friday, October 26, 2012 at Gallery1988 Venice in Santa Monica, California. Throne of Games by Aaron Jasinski (deviantART) (Facebook) (Twitter) via jasinskiart

King Hippo didn’t stand a chance in this excellent Punch-Out themed illustration by artist Anthony Petrie that also encapsulates a great deal of other Nintendo icons. This is one of two pieces that Anthony has being shown at Gallery 1988’s Old School Video Game Art Show: Level 2 opening Friday, October 26, 2012 at Gallery 1988 Venice in Santa Monica, CA. “I’ll have some moreContinue reading

Donkey Kong Wall, The Classic Arcade Game as Functioning Shelves Los Angeles-based designer Igor Chak used his early childhood memory of colorful steel beams and ladders found in the classic arcade game Donkey Kong to create his functioning and brilliant Donkey Kong Wall shelf design. Donkey Kong Wall by Igor Chak (Twitter) Via: mahlibombing |Continue reading

Jude Buffum’s video game and film themed paintings are now all available online. Head over to his personal shop to check out the full collection. Related Rampages: Mario Bros – Minus World (More) Gaming / Film Artwork by Jude Buffum (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Ian Wilding’s Donkey Kong inspired tie shirt design is gaming and formal all in one! You can suit up DK style Friday (10/7) at RIPT for only $10. Prints, skins and cases are also available at his Society6 store. DK Tie Shirt by Ian Wilding (Flickr) (RedBubble) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: iwilding Source:

After sitting through one board after another, Donkey Kong got a little hungry… This great piece by Jason Edminston was created for Gallery 1988’s “Old School Video Game Show” starting Sept 16th in Santa Monica, CA. Related Rampages: R2-D2 | Gamorrean Guard (More) Donkey King by Jason Edmiston (deviantART) (Etsy)

Here is a small collection of ridiculous / humorous Nintendo pun comics that are sure to make your eyes do a barrel roll. Check out more by Jeffrey Giaimo & Jeremey Chinshue at NoPUNintendo Comics by Jeffrey Giaimo & Jeremey Chinshue (Twitter)