DC and Marvel Comic figures took part in helping John Mallamas piece together this rocking new custom Marvel Legends Mega Man design. You can throw down your bid on eBay now to try and grab it up. Learn more here. Related Rampage: Rocking out the Blues in Halo Custom Marvel Legends Megaman by John MallamasContinue reading

The Necromorphs stand no chance when you have the trusty 211-V Plasma Cutter at your side. Isaac Clarke’s full size Dead Space weapon actually lights up and is now on sale at Entertainment Earth for a pretty penny ($220). Related Rampages: Star Wars Planetarium | Chewie Back Buddy Dead Space Plasma Cutter Full Size Replica at Entertainment Earth Source:Continue reading

This lone Stormtrooper takes some time out from “attempting” to kill Jedi and appreciates the simple things in life. Chris McVeigh’s rad custom Star Wars photograph is on sale in print, skin and case form at Society6. Related Rampages: Glory Days| Wheatley (More) Daydream Believer by Chris McVeigh (Tumblr) (Redbubble) (Twitter) Via: powerpig Source: society6.com

Send your thoughts through time and space with ThinkGeek’s new Doctor Who Time Lord Psychic Container. This handy device derives from the series 6 episode “The Doctor’s Wife” written by Neil Gaiman. On sale for $29.99. Three modes: Color change, white glow, and white flicker Simply tap the cube to begin the light effects, tapContinue reading