Texas gamer and electrical engineer Donald Kennedy (aka “Kodykoala”) created a very impressive Custom Super Mario Gun that is sure to leave Bowser pleading for his life. You can check out more photos on Donald’s Flickr page. Related Rampages: Zombie Peach’s Lair (More) Custom Super Mario Gun by Donald Kennedy (Flickr) (Twitter)

The Necromorphs stand no chance when you have the trusty 211-V Plasma Cutter at your side. Isaac Clarke’s full size Dead Space weapon actually lights up and is now on sale at Entertainment Earth for a pretty penny ($220). Related Rampages: Star Wars Planetarium | Chewie Back Buddy Dead Space Plasma Cutter Full Size Replica at Entertainment Earth Source:Continue reading

Designer Neil Taylor took a Nerf N-Strike Recon Dart Blaster and transformed it into a full size working Warhammer 40k space marine bolter. This hefty weapon is now available to purchase at his Etsy store for $370. Related Rampages: Steampunk Big Daddy Gun / Big Bertha gun Warhammer 40k Working Bolter by Neil Taylor / faustus70 (Etsy)