The most critical portion of the Battle for Yavin goes in a new direction thanks to the creativity of Chris McVeigh. This Star Wars Trench Run remix is now available as prints and iPhone cases (shirts soon) at RedBubble. Light Me Up by Chris McVeigh (Tumblr) (Redbubble) (Twitter) Via: powerpig Source:

Who wouldn’t want to travel through time and space with the #1 Wookiee? Artist Chris McVeigh and Matthew Parsons’ collaborative Star Was / Doctor Who mash up design is now on sale in shirt and hoodie form at RedBubble.! Doctor Chew by Matthew Parsons (Twitter) & Chris McVeigh (Twitter) Via: powerpig

Return of the Jedi meets Looney Tunes in this shirt design remix by Matthew Parsons & Chris McVeigh. On sale today (12/28) for $10 at Shirt Punch! Miss the sale? It’s also available at RedBubble. That’s All Folks! – Art by Matthew Parsons | Color/Layout by Chris McVeigh Via: powerpig

Chris McVeigh’s excellent LEGO builds can now be yours to build at home thanks to his new Etsy store opening for business! To start off he has two Christmas themed Star Wars ornaments. Very cool, they are! Star Wars Ornaments: That’s No Moon! ($25) | The Falcon ($20) Builds ‘n Stuff by Chris McVeigh (Tumblr) (Redbubble) (Twitter) Via: powerpig

This lone Stormtrooper takes some time out from “attempting” to kill Jedi and appreciates the simple things in life. Chris McVeigh’s rad custom Star Wars photograph is on sale in print, skin and case form at Society6. Related Rampages: Glory Days| Wheatley (More) Daydream Believer by Chris McVeigh (Tumblr) (Redbubble) (Twitter) Via: powerpig Source: