A Detailed & Humanesque Star Wars Sculpture of Jedi Master Yoda Italian artist and sculptor Andrea Eusebi created a highly detailed and humanesque head sculpture of Jedi Master Yoda, a character from Star Wars. Andrea built the amazing piece by using plastiline modeling clay. You can can see more process photos via my Laughing Squid post. Yoda PartContinue reading

Artist Donald Kennedy (AKA “Kodykoala”) gives us a glimpse of our old pal Mega Man after an all out fierce battle. Amazing detail work, without a doubt. He definitely got rocked… man… Related Rampages: Zombie Peach’s Lair (More) Battle Damaged Mega Man by Kodykoala (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter)

The super lonely Forever Alone meme has come to life in Henning Sanden’s 3D model design. Great news! Due to popular demand, these 4" tall hand painted sculptures are now up for pre-order at ForeverAloneToy.com. Bonus: Free Shipping for the first 700 U.S. orders! Forever Alone Toy by Henning Sanden (deviantART) (Twitter)