This lone Stormtrooper takes some time out from “attempting” to kill Jedi and appreciates the simple things in life. Chris McVeigh’s rad custom Star Wars photograph is on sale in print, skin and case form at Society6. Related Rampages: Glory Days| Wheatley (More) Daydream Believer by Chris McVeigh (Tumblr) (Redbubble) (Twitter) Via: powerpig Source:

Q: scheffxp – “@JustinRampage have you seen Boba Fett unmasked?” A: No, I have not seen this until you and dbsw brought it to my attention. An unmasked figurine of The Fett showing off the original bounty hunter actor, Jeremy Bulloch! Check out the image that inspired this rad customization HERE & HERE! Boba FettContinue reading