This is one of the two rad paintings that artist Tim Shumate created for the “SUPER IAM8BIT” show on August 11 in Los Angelas, Ca (7PM to 11PM). Painting Details:– 12” X 8” Acrylic on Canvas.– Wood Frame w/ Swarovski Crystals Related Rampage: Jersey Shore vs Super Mario Bros Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely by TimContinue reading

9 0 0 0 mixed up a little Dr. Dre with some old school Nintendo. The Princess didn’t even see this one coming! follow 9 0 0 0 here on Tumblr. Related Rampages: Wave of Mutilation | Miss You | FU BP | Facts Chart {{{ Mario Gross }}} by 9 0 0 0 (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: 9000v0006 Source: FlickrContinue reading