Funny Photo of Danny Boy the Sad Horse Dressed up in a Mario Costume Richardson, Texas-based textile artist Lindsay Norwick (aka “zisquared”) recently dressed her pony Danny Boy in a Mario costume. The cute horse looks rather sad about the entire situation. haha! Follow the artist: Blog | Etsy image via: zisquared via: zisquared, sogeekchic, Neatorama, and Kotaku

Banthapug, Chubbs The Pug Dressed Up as a Star Wars Bantha Kristen Andrews (aka “Star Wars Chick“) has turned her pug named Chubbs (who was once dressed as a Hoth Wampug) into a Star Wars inspired Banthapug and Kristen also took a video of Chubbs happily traveling through the Tatooine desert in her new costume.Continue reading

Spaceballs 2008 Halloween Costumes I dug up some photos from 2008 of my wife and I putting together our Spaceballs costumes for a company Halloween party. I lucked out and found a flight suit online for cheap and a company to create a custom “Barf” patch. The tail was tricky, but I made it work.Continue reading

Awesome Ramona Flowers / Scott Pilgrim vs. the World cosplay by Tumblr’s very own Abbie Soule (aka “pseud0Kinesis”) that she wore for ConnectiCon 2012. All photos were taken by Laurynn (aka “indigoAnatomy”). Side Note: I might have to dress my daughter up in a Ramona Flowers outfit similar to this for Halloween, due to theContinue reading

This Beagle may have taken an arrow in the knee, but he still takes on the evil Dachshund Dragon. These hilarious knitted dog outfits were created by Alicia Scantlin and will soon be up for sale at her “Purrrfectly Playful” Etsy store. Beagle Took Arrow To The Knee by Alicia Scantlin (Etsy) (Twitter) Via: BuzzFeed

Artist Plinio Pinto is taking a group of 11 great cosplayers and giving them all a unique painting for his new “Cosplayers Painting Project”. Each piece will be sold as a print at the upcoming MegaCon (Feb 17-19). After the convention you will be able to acquire them all online. First up is cosplayer TiffanyContinue reading

BGZ Studios put together a pretty amazing set of photos in their most recent shoot. Each of the actual cosplayers are credited below. ME3 here we come! Mass Effect Cosplay photos by BGZ Studios (Blog) (Facebook) Miranda Lindze A’la Mode | Shepard Steven Massey & Leah Nelson | Tali Jennifer Barclay Via: Geeks Are Sexy