It just doesn’t get much better than having your own zombitized Storm Trooper based off of the Star Wars: Death Troopers graphic novel. The amazing sculpture stands 6 and a half inches tall and is full of intricate detail. BAD ASS! Death Troopers Zombie-Bust at Entertainment Earth $74.99 Via: gamefreaksnz | Nerdcore Source:

I have heard many myths about the great GOBBO monster, but have seen no proof of its existence. However, It seems that SmallStuff Studio (@smallstuffpepe) has actually captured the awesome looking beast for all of us to admire. Check out the killer detail in this small 3.5" sculpture! Amazing! GOBBO SKULLY by SmallStuff Studio (Flickr)Continue reading

Being inspired by Michelangelo’s famous La Pieta sculpture, Kordian Lewandowski took it into his own hands to put a new (video game) spin on the piece. He used a huge block of polystyrene (vinyl polymer) and carved away on it like Jason from Friday the 13th. In the end, a gorgeous sculpture of our favoriteContinue reading