Skilled concept artist, Guillem H. Pongiluppi, brought his A-game when creating this collection of otherworldly Star Wars / Xenomorph (Alien) crossover illustrations. I loved it so much that I used the Vader image as my PC wallpaper. “If it bleeds, we can kill it.” Wait… that’s a different movie. Nevermind… 😂 You can follow him on Patreon, ArtStation, Instagram,Continue reading

A Detailed & Humanesque Star Wars Sculpture of Jedi Master Yoda Italian artist and sculptor Andrea Eusebi created a highly detailed and humanesque head sculpture of Jedi Master Yoda, a character from Star Wars. Andrea built the amazing piece by using plastiline modeling clay. You can can see more process photos via my Laughing Squid post. Yoda PartContinue reading

If you really have to go, the little Jedi’s room is right down the hall. Jeff Cheung’s humorous new Star Wars design is on sale today for $10 (9/3) at RIPT. Looking for the Dark Side restroom? Jeff has you covered at RedBubble. Jedi Only by Jeff Cheung (RedBubble) Via: riptapparel | gamefreaksnz Source:

Two winners for the “Jedi Army Knife” shirt, that was up for sale over at, have been randomly chosen! Congratulations to thecoolninjadude and sloowcheetah. I have dropped you a message on how to take in that sweet / free multi-use Star Wars shirt. (Original Post) Stay tuned for more contests coming soon! The JediContinue reading