It’s a mixture of Yao Ming / “Fuck That” Guy and “Commander Shepard” by Miracle Of Song in Jessie Lam’s new humorous Mass Effect motivational poster. View the music video below to get a song stuck in your head. U Mad Bro? You can fight like Krogan by Jessie Lam / aXL99 (deviantART) (Twitter) Via: axl99

The Goddamn Batman is back and ready to cause some trouble! Sam Spratt’s awesome new illustration can also be given a meme spin at Meme Generator with the base-image. Tag all of your creations with #batmanisadick! “Who has two thumbs, a bajillion dollars, and is the world’s greatest detective? The Goddamn Batman, that’s who.” – Sam Related Rampages: RonContinue reading

The super lonely Forever Alone meme has come to life in Henning Sanden’s 3D model design. Great news! Due to popular demand, these 4" tall hand painted sculptures are now up for pre-order at Bonus: Free Shipping for the first 700 U.S. orders! Forever Alone Toy by Henning Sanden (deviantART) (Twitter)