All Hail Megatron, Transformers Themed Political Yard Sign From an image shared on Imgur, redditor BergerKing80 posted about this Transformers themed political yard sign that reads “All Hail Megatron – Global Domination.” You can download a Facebook timeline header image created by redditor nerdwithme (as seen below) that is based off of the original All HailContinue reading

Malls in Seoul, Korea let the Marvel superheroes get away with pretty much whatever they want. This crazy Hulk statue was spotted by redditor TheMistah and generously shared with all of us. You wouldn’t like him when he’s constipated… The Incredible Deuce Banner posted by TheMistah Via: Obvious Winner | Reddit

There is now a special place for down votes at Reddit thanks to Sam Spratt. “Where Reddit Robots go to die. Amused by the hive mind that is “reddit” and their powerful decision-making over what is good and bad on the internet—I thought I would illustrate the moment before an image, link, or idea getsContinue reading