Star Wars Cereal TIE Fighter Made Using 2 Crispix, 2 Cheerios & Frosting Artist Brock Davis has created a Star Wars "Cereal TIE Fighter“ using 2 Crispix for the hexagonal wings, 2 Cheerios for the hull, and then "a tiny bit of frosting to hold it together.” I’m very impressed and hungry for some breakfast. Follow the artist:Continue reading

Kirby Patty, Video Game Illustration of Kirby as a Hamburger “Kirby Patty” is an excellent Illustration by artist Vaughn Pinpin (aka “Hat Boy”) that portrays the small pink puff ball Kirby as a hamburger. In this case, he actually “is” what he eats! Prints, apparel and tote bags are available to purchase on Society6. This guy has such a fantastic style.Continue reading

The Cakery, a Dayton, Ohio-based bakery, created this awesome video game themed wedding cake for my friend’s fun-filled wedding that went down yesterday (10/13/2012). I must say, it tasted just as amazing as it looks. 3UP Video Game Wedding Cake by The Cakery (Facebook) photos by Justin Page

Drew Wise and his new political Pizza Party shirt design is tasty and has a crust filled with win! On sale ($11) for 48 hours on 8/17 and 8/18 at The Yetee.  Update!: The shirt is now available to purchase from RedBubble. Pizza Party by Drew Wise (RedBubble) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: theyetee | drewpixel | pacalin Source:

In the spirit of DKE Toys’ “Vader Project”, 25 selected artists created customized versions of Darth Vader’s iconic helmet for You can now bid on any of the rad designs in their online auction. “The top three helmets were chosen as winners, and are noted below with ribbons. Now, you will have the chanceContinue reading

You might collapse from eating chicken nuggets for 17 years straight, but if you can hold out for 20 years… Well… You start looking like Nicolas Cage! Actual News Story: Daily Mail | Rampaged From: topherchris Chicken Nic Nugget! by Justin Rampage (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Off Base Productions’ President Greg Off got a sweet surprise for his 43rd birthday when the Chief Operating Officer’s wife Imelda Wikamulia brought in a custom made Plants vs Zombie cake filled with awesomeness. To put some icing on top of that cake, she also constructed an impressive display of Mario Brothers themed Christmas treatsContinue reading