Baby Magically Stops Crying Whenever He Hears the ‘Star Wars’ Theme Song This cute 4-month-old baby boy named Sebastian seems to only stop crying whenever his parents play the original Star Wars opening theme song by John Williams. Now that’s one cool little kid! He was screaming and crying in the car one day, and the MP3Continue reading

The epic lead singer of Queen (Freddie Mercury) and the leading Super Mario Brothers plumber (Mario) become one in this rockin’ shirt design by Philippine artist Rua Bloodrust. Vote it up at Threadless to see it go to print. Mario Mercury by Rua Bloodrust (deviantART) (Behance) (Facebook)

A major collection of comic book heroes have assembled as guitars in artist Jonah Block’s rockin’ Guitar Heroes design. Shirts, prints, iPhone cases and more are available to purchase from RedBubble and Society6. Guitar Heroes by Jonah Block (deviantART) (Flickr) (Twitter) via Jonah Block Source:

This excellent Misfits / Star Wars mash up design started off as a painting by Rob Perezfor the ArtSlam! Strikes Back show. Now Rob’s design is available to purchase on shirts for $20 thanks to Sugoy Clothing. Misfit Vader by Rob Perez / Deadbeat Hero (Facebook) (Twitter)

Super Mario Theme Performed by The Backwards Piano Man Provo, Utah based musician and entertainer Jason Lyle Black (The Backwards Piano Man), who is best known for his backwards piano playing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, has ventured into the realm of video games with his impressive backwards performance of the Super Mario Theme. SuperContinue reading

Pac-Mods, A Series of Pop Culture Icons Illustrated as Pac-Man Slim-Hazard created an excellent ongoing Pac-Mods series that portrays a collection of pop culture icons illustrated in the style of classic video game character Pac-Man. If you have an idea for a new addition to Pac-Mods, you can send a message to yougruesomehare via hisContinue reading

It’s time to drop some technologic beats in Hyrule thanks to Tumblr artist Robert Mangaoang and his excellent new Daft Punk / Legend of Zelda mash up shirt design. On sale now, for roughly $25, at MySoti. Prints are also available at Etsy! HYRULOGIC by Robert Mangaoang (deviantART) (Twitter) Via: doomsdaily