The villainous Masters of the Universe have been pixelated and turned into papercraft figures thanks to artist Ty Lettau. Download each template here. Related Rampages: Gaming Model Kits (More) MotU Papercraft Villains by Ty Lettau (Society6) (Flickr) (Twitter)

Aled Lewis brings up a perfectly valid Masters of the Universe point in his new comical illustration. I always wondered why Skeletor didn’t live there. *Arnold Voice* “Get your ass to Eternia! AUEUEUE!” Castle Grayskull Tours by Aled Lewis (Tumblr) (Flickr) (Twitter) Via: aledlewis Source:

52baddudes: Illustration #47 – SKELETOR WILL PWN YOUR FACE “This past week all I could think of was THIS, and between bouts of girlish giggling I was able to finish this illustration. I do love me some 80’s cartoons and have many fond memories of watching Transformers and Thundercats on Happy’s Place everyday (anyone fromContinue reading