Geeks are Sexy Facebook Cover Banners Geeks are Sexy teamed up with a group of excellent photographers to create this impressive set of Facebook banners. They are free to use, just make sure to credit the photographer in the description. More found at Geeks Are Sexy. Photos by Robin Cook, Anna Fischer, BGZ Studios &Continue reading

It’s time to drop some technologic beats in Hyrule thanks to Tumblr artist Robert Mangaoang and his excellent new Daft Punk / Legend of Zelda mash up shirt design. On sale now, for roughly $25, at MySoti. Prints are also available at Etsy! HYRULOGIC by┬áRobert Mangaoang (deviantART) (Twitter) Via: doomsdaily

Artist Drew Wise continuously knocks out amazing shirt designs that tickle my geek fancy. This is the second installment of his rad creations and all of the designs above are now available as shirts / hoodies at RedBubble! Related Rampages: Geek Art 1 (More) Geek Art 2 by Drew Wise (RedBubble) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Drop some technologic beats straight out of the Land of Ooo with Finn, Jake and Beemo thanks to Tumblr artist Robert Mangaoang. 200 limited edition 11" x 17" prints are now on sale at his Etsy store. Adventure Time x Daft Punk 2 by Robert Mangaoang (Flickr) (Twitter) Via: doomsdaily

Designer Chris Myles pulled out all of the stops with his brand new collection of Nerd Cultures rings / jewelry. From Assassin’s Creed to Daft Punk, each piece is unique its own way and on sale at his new Shapeways store. Check out how some of the jewelry is interactive by watching this video. NerdContinue reading

Daft Punk and Cobra Commander being merged together into one character can only mean two things… Mass chaos and killer beats! You can now vote Matthew Parsons’ funky new shirt design up at 604Republic. Cobra Punk by Matthew Parsons (RedBubble) (Flickr) (Twitter) Via fanboy30 Source: