Bizarro and Wario both know that feel, when it comes to being an Exaggerated Anti-hero. Check out more of Tumblr artist Chris Gerringer’s series here. Exaggerated Antiheroes by Chris Gerringer (deviantART) (Facebook) Via: paperbeatsscissors

Princess Peach comes to life in Tumblr artist / photographer Chanh Tang’s first attempt at creating an animation. “First attempt at creating an animated gif – needless to say, it was quite the learning experience.” Wasting Time In Another Castle by Chanh Tang (Twitter) Via: chanh

It might be Game Over for these two plumbers, but it’s game on for purchasing this sweet shirt by Shawn Conn for $10 over at RIPT today only! Related Rampages: The Imperial Undead | Living Dead Plumber Game Over by Shawn Conn / ShantyShawn (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: gamefreaksnz Source: