Artist and illustrator Coran Stone created a Call of Duty style series of Super Mario Brothers themed illustrations. Coran’s inspiration for these bad ass pieces of art derives from his artist pal Jake Castorena and girlfriend’s awesome Mushroom Kingdom Special Forces Halloween costumes. Related Rampages: Secret Agent Calvin and Hobbes (More) Military Super Mario Brothers by Coran Stone (deviantART) (Twitter)

Alphonse Elric and Luigi both know that feel, when it comes to being an unappreciated little brother that can never catch a break. Check out more of Chris Gerringer’s awesome series here. Also, you can also vote for his shirt that is up for vote at Threadless! Little Brother Blues by Chris Gerringer (deviantART) (Twitter) Via:Continue reading

Speed Demos Archive and artist Kari Fry have teamed up to do a shirt for their annual gaming marathon, Awesome Games Done Quick, which raises money for charity. $3 from every shirt sold will go directly to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Get this awesome tee for $11 at The Yetee until 1/7! You can watchContinue reading

With Jonathan Fletcher’s re-imagined 3D Mario and Luigi designs finished for, he quickly put together this awesome select screen animation as seen below. Theme music by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. This really does need to be created. I’d play the hell out of it. Super Mario Bros. – Gulf of Mexico – by Jonathan Fletcher Via: Geekologie

Drake Brodahl brings the pipe dreaming Mario Bros together again in his new painting. Created for Gallery 1988’s “Old School Video Game Show" going until October 8th in Santa Monica, CA. See more show pieces here. Related Rampage: Gizmo Racer The Bros by Drake Brodahl (Tumblr) (Etsy) (Flickr) (Twitter) Via: pumml

Luigi’s Mansion takes a dark turn in Ty Dunitz’s killer piece for this years FanExpo (August 25-28). Available in a very limited quantity at the show! Related Rampage: Super Meat Boy 64 Luigi’s Mansion: Redux by Ty Dunitz (deviantART) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: gamefreaksnz | Reddit Source: