Artist Andrew Wilson brought together a triple threat set of video game greatness in his new series. Prints are now on sale at the Geek-Art Store. You can also follow Andrew and his work here on Tumblr! Video Game Series by Andrew Wilson (Blog) (CGHUB) (Twitter) Via: theforgottenkingdoms

Andrew Wilson assembles a portion of the Marvel Avengers in this new “Come At Me Bro” set. Iron Man slays everyone at Rockband! Prints will be available at Ltd. Art Gallery’s “MINTcondition” art show tonight at 7pm in Seattle Washington. Presented by Emerald City Comicon. Related Rampages: Metroid (More) Come at me Bro. by Andrew Wilson (Blog) (CGHUB)Continue reading

Andrew Wilson takes us to a digital age Japan in his new print created for the “POP! Art of Pop Culture” group show at Ltd. Art Gallery. 13" x 19" prints are on sale for $65 at the gallery’s online store. Related Rampages: Princess Peach | Metroid (More) SHIBUYA 109 by Andrew Wilson (CGHUB) (Art Blog)