Star Wars Curiously Flavored Chewie Mints! These must be Altoids that have been sitting out for a year or so. I have eaten a Chewie Altoid before… Not the curious furry flavor though. Yum! Show your love for this shirt design at! Curiously Flavored Mints by Zerobriant (Tumblr) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: emonerdcorp | geekleetistContinue reading

Custom Zombie Portraits by Zombie Artist Rob Sacchetto Ever wondered what you would look like as a zombie? Zombie artist Rob Sacchetto can help you out in this department. Rob does custom zombie illustrations just by you sending in an image of the subject matter online. Prices vary, but the portraits look top notch! Braaaaains!  Zombie Portraits by Rob Sacchetto (Blog)Continue reading