Your face will melt, much like Iron Man’s, when viewing this top notch Marvel illustration by Tumblr artist Sam Spratt. “I felt like painting something shiny.” Related Rampages: Inspector Spacetime (More) “Gilded” – Illustration by Sam Spratt (Store) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: samspratt Source: samspratt

Tony Stark is hard at work in Victor Hugo Queiroz’s ridiculously great new 3D Marvel piece. I’m loving the Aperture (Portal) beer that Tony is rocking. Related Rampages: Erik’s first… oh, wait. (More) What are you building, Stark? by Victor Hugo (CGHUB) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Iron Man, Anthony Stark’s Weapon, gets the brilliant Jeffrey Cruz treatment in his latest commission piece. The colors and lighting are mesmerizing! Related Rampages: Jordan Man | Mushroom Kingdom | Mega Man | Metroid Anthony Stark’s Weapon by Jeffrey ‘CHAMBA’ Cruz / lastscionz (deviantART) Source: