Eat & Drink & Poop & Pee. So I made this thing. I love the word poop (obviously) and decided to use it for good (kind of). The poopy design is available to purchase as a shirt, print, coffee mug, pillow, iPhone/iPad cases, and more at my Society6 store. Poop! My goofy typography design isContinue reading

This is my Photoshop based off the previously posted Transformers themed political yard sign via redditor BergerKing80. It’s Megatron’s mini political stand-in for when he steps off of the campaign trail to quickly wreak universal havoc. The original image can be seen on a post that I wrote for Laughing Squid. Related Rampages: Light Landspeeder (More) All Hail Megatron Photoshop by Justin Page (Flickr)Continue reading

Light Landspeeder is a Tron: Legacy / Star Wars film mashup of a Land Speeder and Light Cycle that I created back in 2010 which should become a reality since The Walt Disney Company recently acquired Lucasfilm. This piece was inspired by a comment made by my friend / artist Geekleetist regarding a great Tron-Taun mashup by David Swart. Related Rampages: Fark Shark (More) Light Landspeeder by Justin Page (deviantART) (Behance) (Twitter)

Spaceballs 2008 Halloween Costumes I dug up some photos from 2008 of my wife and I putting together our Spaceballs costumes for a company Halloween party. I lucked out and found a flight suit online for cheap and a company to create a custom “Barf” patch. The tail was tricky, but I made it work.Continue reading

Mass Effect / SNES Instruction Manual Wedding Program Cover My good friend Jesse is getting married to a lovely lady name Jessi this Saturday (10/13/2012) and the two fellow geeks asked if I could help with making a drawing / photoshop of them as video game characters. This is what the end result was, afterContinue reading

Blast From The Past: Twitter needs to give the Fail Whale a break this week. I present to you the Fark Shark! I did this in honor of our beloved Shark Week. Hell, even The Discovery Channel agrees! For Your Health: Definition of “FARK” Fark Shark by Justin Page (deviantART) (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter)

I finally finished the Tron / Master Control Program (Mr. MCP) illustration as requested by my pal •GEEK•LEE•TIST•. Download the wallpaper HERE! 🙂 Related Rampages: Deadpoolie | Link | Boba Fett | Snake | Master Chief Mr. MCP by Justin Page (Behance) (deviantART) (Flickr) (Twitter) Source: Flickr / justinpage

Good call geekleetist! I have Bounty up Boba and some other Geek Wallpapers over on my Flickr account that I put together. I need to transfer those onto my deviantART portfolio. I’m also open to creating new character illustrations so drop me a “request” anyone and everyone! 🙂 geekleetist: Rampage…I swear these are yours!! spinningmysphere:Continue reading