It’s not easy being a nerdy Koopa in Mushroom Kingdom. David Soames & Phil Jones’ funny new shirt design is now up for vote at Threadless!  Also, the 50% off tee sale with promo code “FUZZY2011” is still active. Practical Joke by David Soames (Twitter) & Phil Jones (Twitter) Via: davidfromdallas Source: Threadless

Crime fighting just doesn’t help pay the bills anymore for old Spider-Man. David Soames’ humorous new design is now up for for vote at Threadless. Related Rampages: Marine Litter | Being a Pirate (More) Part-Time Job by David Soames (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: davidfromdallas Source: Threadless

David Soames & Nathan Pyle teamed up to create this great design. You can vote it up now at Threadless. “One man’s bone is another dog’s treasure.” Related Rampages: Marine Litter | CTRL-X MEN Reburied Treasure by David Soames (Twitter) & Nathan W. Pyle (Twitter) Submitted by: davidfromdallas Source: Threadless

Throwing waste into the ocean keeps Aquaman from fighting crime. You can now vote David Soames & Dev Gupta’s humorous design up at Threadless. Threadless’ 48hr $10 sale is still going so check it out! Marine Litter by David Soames (Twitter) & Dev Gupta (Twitter) Submitted by: davidfromdallas Source: Threadless