Krang O’ Lantern, TMNT Themed Watermelon in a Halloween Pumpkin San Francisco graphic designer Michael Villamejor (aka “MikeV Design“) took a carved out Halloween pumpkin and filled it with the insides of a watermelon to create his brilliant representation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles supervillain known as Krang, which he appropriately titled Krang O’Continue reading

Spaceballs 2008 Halloween Costumes I dug up some photos from 2008 of my wife and I putting together our Spaceballs costumes for a company Halloween party. I lucked out and found a flight suit online for cheap and a company to create a custom “Barf” patch. The tail was tricky, but I made it work.Continue reading

Sam Spratt: Sam Spratt’s Halloween Portrait Contest! In brief: Likes and Reblogs of this image are each entries in the contest to win a portrait of you drawn by me. In slightly less brief:  To those new to this, that means that should you be the random winner, I would draw a portrait of your beautifulContinue reading

Artist Lisa Alvarez aka Batprisss, with help from her newly formed X WORKZ team, took the Batman: Arkham City style batsuit and made it a killer reality. See more photos of the amazing costume at The Effects Lab forum. Batman: Arkham City Costume by Lisa Alvarez / Batpirisss Via: TDW Geeks | Geeks Are Sexy

From Evil Dead to Ghostbusters, Pop Chart Lab compiled a great diagram of movie monsters just in time for Halloween. 24" x 36" posters are now on sale for $30 $24 after a 20% discount good until Thursday (10/27). Related Rampages: Evolution of Video Game Controllers (More) Diabolical Diagram of Movie Monsters by Pop Chart Lab (Twitter) Via: popchartlab