Funny Photo of Danny Boy the Sad Horse Dressed up in a Mario Costume Richardson, Texas-based textile artist Lindsay Norwick (aka “zisquared”) recently dressed her pony Danny Boy in a Mario costume. The cute horse looks rather sad about the entire situation. haha! Follow the artist: Blog | Etsy image via: zisquared via: zisquared, sogeekchic, Neatorama, and Kotaku

Ferocious Illustration of Yoshi From Super Mario Bros. by Dan LuVisi California-based digital concept artist Dan LuVisi has totally given Yoshi from Super Mario Bros. a fierce makeover. Mario might think twice before jumping on the back of this little dude. “Here he is! Yoshi! Painted this in about 5 or so hours. Thanks forContinue reading

The Super Mario Brothers Imagined as Grand Theft Auto Characters Grand Theft Mario by Malaysian artist Amirul Hafiz is a kick ass collection of illustrations that imagine video game characters from Super Mario Brothers as car stealing thugs in the world of Grand Theft Auto.

Mario and Link team up to fight the forces of evil in this awesome video game illustration by artist Billy Allison (aka “Bleee”). Prints, apparel, iPhone cases and more are available to purchase at Redbubble and Society6. This piece is also a reference to one of the first sci-fi films ever made called A Trip To The Moon (1902), which was directedContinue reading

Artist and illustrator Coran Stone created a Call of Duty style series of Super Mario Brothers themed illustrations. Coran’s inspiration for these bad ass pieces of art derives from his artist pal Jake Castorena and girlfriend’s awesome Mushroom Kingdom Special Forces Halloween costumes. Related Rampages: Secret Agent Calvin and Hobbes (More) Military Super Mario Brothers by Coran Stone (deviantART) (Twitter)

Texas gamer and electrical engineer Donald Kennedy (aka “Kodykoala”) created a very impressive Custom Super Mario Gun that is sure to leave Bowser pleading for his life. You can check out more photos on Donald’s Flickr page. Related Rampages: Zombie Peach’s Lair (More) Custom Super Mario Gun by Donald Kennedy (Flickr) (Twitter)

Artist Aaron Jasinski created a brilliant Game of Thrones / Super Mario Brothers / Donkey Kong mashup painting titled Throne of Games for The Old School Video Game Art Show: Level 2 opening Friday, October 26, 2012 at Gallery1988 Venice in Santa Monica, California. Throne of Games by Aaron Jasinski (deviantART) (Facebook) (Twitter) via jasinskiart

The epic lead singer of Queen (Freddie Mercury) and the leading Super Mario Brothers plumber (Mario) become one in this rockin’ shirt design by Philippine artist Rua Bloodrust. Vote it up at Threadless to see it go to print. Mario Mercury by Rua Bloodrust (deviantART) (Behance) (Facebook)

Artist Jude Buffum created a humorous piece showing Mario and Princess as they duke it out over an intense game of Couples Counseling. Jude displayed this painting at the Fangamer VERSUS Attractmode show in Seattle. Related Rampages: Gaming / Film Artwork (More) Couples Counseling by Jude Buffum (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter)

The artistic brothers Magnus and Viktor Nyström teamed up to create a badass / realistic version of Mario in their piece titled Hero. It was largely inspired and a tribute to work by the talented Dave Rapoza. Related Rampage: Super Plumber Mario – 3D Hero – Super Mario Bros. by Magnus & Viktor Nyström / TeamLando submitted by TeamLando