Spaceballs 2008 Halloween Costumes I dug up some photos from 2008 of my wife and I putting together our Spaceballs costumes for a company Halloween party. I lucked out and found a flight suit online for cheap and a company to create a custom “Barf” patch. The tail was tricky, but I made it work.Continue reading

Charlotte Soileh rocked out a Fallout: New Vegas inspired CD album design for musical artist Radutron’s upcoming cover EP (Preview Trailer).  Check this great piece out in its entirety here. I want an Eyebot amp! Related Rampages: Tenpenny Babe (More) Radutron by Charlotte Soileh / hel999

There is now a special place for down votes at Reddit thanks to Sam Spratt. “Where Reddit Robots go to die. Amused by the hive mind that is “reddit” and their powerful decision-making over what is good and bad on the internet—I thought I would illustrate the moment before an image, link, or idea getsContinue reading