This is my Photoshop based off the previously posted Transformers themed political yard sign via redditor BergerKing80. It’s Megatron’s mini political stand-in for when he steps off of the campaign trail to quickly wreak universal havoc. The original image can be seen on a post that I wrote for Laughing Squid. Related Rampages: Light Landspeeder (More) All Hail Megatron Photoshop by Justin Page (Flickr)Continue reading

GLaDOS gets simplified down to an earlier stage of computing in Drew Wise’s Portal themed shirt design. On sale at The Yetee for $11 March 24th & 25th! C:This_ShirtKicks_AssGLa-DOS.exe Contest Time!: Get a chance at winning the above shirt for free by reblogging this post and commenting at The Yetee’s Facebook page! GLa-DOS.exe by Drew Wise (RedBubble) (Facebook)Continue reading

An elegant Boba Fett releases fury in one of many N. C. Winters pieces that will be displayed / on sale at his “Abandoned Menagerie” Gallery 1988 art show starting tomorrow night (3/10). More information can be found here. Infinite Bounty by N. C. Winters (Store) (Tumblr) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: ncwinters

The Star Wars Identities exhibit is fast approaching. It will open in Montreal, Canada April 19 and Edmonton, Canada October 27. The exhibit will look at personal identity when viewing famous Star Wars characters as well as within ourselves. You can check out each piece in greater detail here. See if you can decipher theContinue reading

Super talented artist Chris Gerringer went out of his way to create this incredible Rampaged Reality themed wallpaper for all to use. He took my current logo and built a Mega Man style “sentient awesomeness-seeking” robot that is just way too damn cool looking. Thanks friend! Chris Gerringer: “Justin Page is the curator of Rampaged Reality,Continue reading

John F. Kennedy is on the hunt for alien scum in Jason Heuser’s awesome new historical mash up illustration. 11” x 17” and 24” x 36” prints are now available at Etsy. Hell, he even sent Rampaged Reality to space (here), along with many other rad easter eggs! (Full Size) “In 1963, after the alleged JFKContinue reading