This is my Photoshop based off the previously posted Transformers themed political yard sign via redditor BergerKing80. It’s Megatron’s mini political stand-in for when he steps off of the campaign trail to quickly wreak universal havoc. The original image can be seen on a post that I wrote for Laughing Squid. Related Rampages: Light Landspeeder (More) All Hail Megatron Photoshop by Justin Page (Flickr)Continue reading

All Hail Megatron, Transformers Themed Political Yard Sign From an image shared on Imgur, redditor BergerKing80 posted about this Transformers themed political yard sign that reads “All Hail Megatron – Global Domination.” You can download a Facebook timeline header image created by redditor nerdwithme (as seen below) that is based off of the original All HailContinue reading

The RV / Meth Lab from AMC’s television series Breaking Bad just received a major transformation in artist Dann Matthews’ new Heisenbot design. Shirts, hoodies, stickers and iPhone cases are available to purchase at RedBubble. Heisenbot by Dann Matthews (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter) via danndesigns

Leonard McCoy had his mind blown thanks to his run in with Ratchet, the Autobot medic / ambulance. Artist Marco D’Alfonso created this hilarious mash up for Comic Book Resources’ new “The Line It Is Drawn #98 – Comic Book & Star Trek Characters” theme. “Dammit, Jim! I’m a doctor, not a Transformer!” Related Rampages:Continue reading

Skyrim and the Transformers are more than meets the eye in Crystal Fontan’s new shirt design. On sale today only (2/10) at TeeFury! Dragonborns, roll out! Contest Time!: Reblog this post for a chance to win a FREE CAR DECAL!!! Dovahkiibot by Crystal Fontan (RedBubble) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: bamboota