Eat & Drink & Poop & Pee. So I made this thing. I love the word poop (obviously) and decided to use it for good (kind of). The poopy design is available to purchase as a shirt, print, coffee mug, pillow, iPhone/iPad cases, and more at my Society6 store. Poop! My goofy typography design isContinue reading

Hilarious Captain Planet illustration by Mike Mitchell! Those Crocs are stylin’! sirmitchell: What ever happened to Captain Planet? That was the subject of last nights Livestream session.  I asked what I should draw, and someone said “Captain Planet” and I immediately imagined a fat, disgusting, pathetic, out of work Captain Planet. Someone later suggested aContinue reading

The above hilarious “Vietnam connann” was submitted to CAPTHCArt by Vlastan. Who knew that captcha phrases could be turned into art? Hilarious! Make sure that you follow CAPTHCArt, dig up some epic captcha phrases and then get yo ass to da photoshoppa! geekleetist: “GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!” Via: geekleetist | captchart