Light Landspeeder is a Tron: Legacy / Star Wars film mashup of a Land Speeder and Light Cycle that I created back in 2010 which should become a reality since The Walt Disney Company recently acquired Lucasfilm. This piece was inspired by a comment made by my friend / artist Geekleetist regarding a great Tron-Taun mashup by David Swart. Related Rampages: Fark Shark (More) Light Landspeeder by Justin Page (deviantART) (Behance) (Twitter)

Simply amazing design! Those Beatles would totally rock the Yellow Light Bike Submarine! Someone should really run with this idea and create an animated Beatles music video. Lennon is the chosen Walrus! He will save them all from the Master Control Program! Tron vs Yellow Submarine by Gavin Rampling/Gar0 (Flickr) Via: gamefreaksnz | ianbrooks Source:Continue reading