Skyrim and the Transformers are more than meets the eye in Crystal Fontan’s new shirt design. On sale today only (2/10) at TeeFury! Dragonborns, roll out! Contest Time!: Reblog this post for a chance to win a FREE CAR DECAL!!! Dovahkiibot by Crystal Fontan (RedBubble) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: bamboota

Pee-wee Herman just got a lot tougher thanks to Tumblr artist Crystal Fontan and her new biker gang vest shirt design. On sale now at RedBubble. “You don’t wanna get mixed up with a guy like me. I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel.“ The man himself even tweeted about it (Check it out!) The RebelContinue reading

It’s an all out battle of the bad ass bands in Crystal Fontan’s Scott Pilgrim vs The World shirt design. On sale Friday (10/7) at TeeFury for only $10! Related Rampages: Jedi in the Future | Power of Love / Self Respect Sex Bob-Omb VS The Twins by Crystal Fontan (RedBubble) (Twitter) Via: teevil Source:Continue reading