Barry Wazzy is back with another collection of real life Pokeballs derived from his Photoshop skills. Portal, Wii, PS3, Hunger Games, Marvel and Assassin’s Creed get called upon in this new killer set! Related Rampages: Real Pokeball Types 3 (More) Real Pokeball Types 4 by Barry Wazzy

Andrew Wilson assembles a portion of the Marvel Avengers in this new “Come At Me Bro” set. Iron Man slays everyone at Rockband! Prints will be available at Ltd. Art Gallery’s “MINTcondition” art show tonight at 7pm in Seattle Washington. Presented by Emerald City Comicon. Related Rampages: Metroid (More) Come at me Bro. by Andrew Wilson (Blog) (CGHUB)Continue reading

Malls in Seoul, Korea let the Marvel superheroes get away with pretty much whatever they want. This crazy Hulk statue was spotted by redditor TheMistah and generously shared with all of us. You wouldn’t like him when he’s constipated… The Incredible Deuce Banner posted by TheMistah Via: Obvious Winner | Reddit