Artist Justin White’s injured Pokemon are now being sold as starter sticker packs! Head over to the Jublin Art Store to grab up a set. “Sticker pack includes all three original starter pokémon for $7. The first 30 orders get a free sticker from the first batch (jigglypuff, slowpoke, or psyduck).” Related Rampages: Gotta HelpContinue reading

Mattias Fahlberg was requested by his brother to create a Star Wars them illustration for his girlfriend. This hilarious “Sexy Vader” is what he finally decided on putting together. “Darth Vader sir… We have a situation.” Related Rampages: Skyrim – An Arrow In The Knee (More) Darth Vader by Mattias Fahlberg (Society6) (deviantART) Via: Geekologie | G4tv