Drop some technologic beats straight out of the Land of Ooo with Finn, Jake and Beemo thanks to Tumblr artist Robert Mangaoang. 200 limited edition 11" x 17" prints are now on sale at his Etsy store. Adventure Time x Daft Punk 2 by Robert Mangaoang (Flickr) (Twitter) Via: doomsdaily

Charlotte Soileh rocked out a Fallout: New Vegas inspired CD album design for musical artist Radutron’s upcoming cover EP (Preview Trailer).  Check this great piece out in its entirety here. I want an Eyebot amp! Related Rampages: Tenpenny Babe (More) Radutron by Charlotte Soileh / hel999

It’s time to rock out with your Marvel out! Peavey  & Marvel joined forces to create a huge collection of custom Rockmaster, Predator Plus EXP and Junior Acoustic guitars. Straps, picks and guitars are on sale at the BigBadToyStore. Marvel Peavey Guitars ($54.99-$399.99) at BigBadToyStore.com Via: Nerd Approved

The Who gets a little Harry Potter magic added to the band in Ashley Hay’s rockin’ new shirt design. On sale at The Yetee for $11 until October 20th. Contest Time: Get a chance at winning the shirt for free by reblogging this post and commenting at The Yetee’s Facebook page! Pinball Wizard by Ashley Hay (Tumblr) (RedBubble) (Twitter) Via: kannaya |Continue reading

A massive amount of famous characters from video games, comics, film and music have been simplified and categorized by artist Grégoire Guillemin. His new design is now on sale in print form over at Society6. (Full Size) Famous Capsules by Grégoire Guillemin (Society6) (Twitter) Via: laughingsquid | Buzzfeed Source: Laughing Squid