Artist James Zapata compiled an impressive collection of his Batman, Dragon Ball Z and personal artwork. He is now making prints available to purchase! “I will have a very limited number of 18"x24” high quality canvas prints (24"x18" for the wide ones) with ½ inch margins on each side (actual print size will be 17"x23")Continue reading

The Dark Knight definitely chose the wrong path in this devilish redesign by artist Alexander Stepanchikov. This took first place in CGHUB’s “Superhero Turned Villain” challenge. Check it out on an interactive 3D turntable here. Related Rampage: Post-Apocalyptic Scorpion Bat Badman by Alexander Stepanchikov (CGHUB)

Barry Wazzy is back with another collection of real life Pokeballs thanks to his Photoshop skills. Harry Potter, The Dark Knight and Dragon Ball Z hit the Pokemon battlefield in this powerful set! Related Rampage: Real Pokeball Types 1 Real Pokeball Types 2 by Barry Wazzy